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By creating a PRIVATIZZ profile your personal information is secure, incorruptible yet flexible enough to share responsibly.

By using PRIVATIZZ to share your personal information you do not only ensure the responsible use thereof, but you also keep the receiving Party’s CEO (or equivalent) legally accountable.

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Why do you need something like PRIVATIZZ ?

How does PRIVATIZZ do it

 PRIVATIZZ uses Blockchain technology that turns the centralised root of the trust model on its head. Rather than relying on Institutions to be the root of trust, it uses a consensus algorithm operating over many different machines and replicated by many separate entities in a decentralised network.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Manage your personal information profile in PRIVATIZZ

  • Information is encrypted and contained in a distributed ledger to ensure security.

  • Permission-based technology that goes down to the field level.

  • Institutions subscribe to your information.

  • Institutions only have access to your information for the duration you gave consent.

  • You can withdraw consent at any time. (Terms and Conditions apply to this function)

  • PRIVATIZZ keeps your information secure and up to date with all your links.

  • Anti-Trust Technology ensures that even if a data breach occurs information is rendered unusable.

Take control of your Personal Information Today

By creating a PRIVATIZZ profile your personal information is secure, incorruptible yet flexible enough to share responsibly.


What could I use PRIVATIZZ for

The application of having your personal information profile is endless. PRIVATIZZ can assist you with the vast majority of these efforts. Below are but two ways PRIVATIZZ would be more than the ideal partner.

While waiting in the queue to enter, scan the gate’s QR code using your PRIVATIZZ App. The required information is displayed on your phone. Eg. Name, surname, Company, contact nr, ID number, Highest Qualification, Host, Laptop Serial Number, and so on.PRIVATIZZ pre-populate these fields with suggested information from your PRIVATIZZ Portfolio. Some of these fields are compulsory and required by the gate, and others are optional.PRIVATIZZ provides you with an opportunity to select the information you are willing to share. Say for instance Name, Surname and Host are the only prerequisite fields you have the option to choose which of the other information you would also like to share. Say for this example share your name, surname, Company, Host and Laptop serial nr with the gate.

Your information remains with PRIVATIZZ; the Gate Owner merely have access to the data. The security Guard or gate operator only receives the verification code via the PRIVATIZZ App or text message. If the verification code he received and the code displayed on your phone match, then access is granted.

Depending on the type of Access Control system, PRIVATIZZ can be integrated to provide an access code to you directly. In this case, there is no need for a security guard or gate operator to obtain authorisation via an intercom system or phoning the host. The host receives an in-app notification containing the visitor’s name which he/she should approve or reject. The approval will tiger the access code to be generated and send to you to use.

Your information always stays with PRIVATIZZ; it never goes to the gate’s server. The entrance has merely subscribed to your information for a period of say three months. Meaning that only when/if they need the data, for an investigation into an incident or whatever the reason may be, they can motivate and request the information from PRIVATIZZ. After three months or any other predetermined period, the data will no longer be available for their use.

As access gates don’t need your information apart from when there was an incident or to screen unwanted guests, there is no need for them to have your information. By not having this information it reduce their obligations towards the Privacy and personal information act.

A Win-Win for all.

The process at the reception desk of buildings is very similar to the Access Gate described above. There are however some additional features like a comments section should you want to give some feedback after your stay at a Hotel, or the sign-out form by the host to allow you to leave the office building or facility or Pre-approved visitors list for meetings, amongst others. The application at Buildings and Business are endless.

Another feature that adds value to the organisation is that they can tailor their service towards the individual guest. E.g., at signing in the drinks orders are taken via PRIVATIZZ, or priority treatment initiated. The host is notified of their guest’s arrival. Alternatively, it can be used as a queuing system.

As the aggregation of information provides statistics for the institutions, it could be advantageous to know what the general profile is of their visitors. PRIVATIZZ offers this feature without disclosing the individuals’ specific information. It is like filling out a satisfaction survey anonymously.

PRIVATIZZ for Visitor Management illustration

What’s happening out there…

“With great Power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben, Spiderman

Big Tech and businesses are shying away from their collective responsibility to protect personal and sensitive information. There are however various organisations similar to PRIVATIZZ that promote and support activism in this space.

Here are some fascinating discussion points.

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